How to become a Digital Nomad ?

Okay , let’s understand this , the term “Digital Nomad” is becoming more and more popular with people becoming more ambitious about their careers. Gone are days when Work Hard was only determinant of success. Millennials are going more towards getting a stable income while having a laid back lifestyle.

Although more and more people are aspiring to become Nomads , many are in for a unpleasant surprise when they find out what it actually takes to be traveling and working remotely.

I’m not discouraging you from following such lifestyle ,in fact, the following information is precisely about you making your first step towards this journey. However , what I would suggest is you to be practical about your goals and ambitions.

So, without further a do, Let’s Begin !!

The main issue anyone venturing into not only Digital Nomadism , But also general Entrepreneurship is difficulty in finding clients or customers to whom they can sell their talent.

Whenever i talked to someone on how to approach such lifestyle , the usual answers are always like

  • Go to websites like Fiverr , Freelance.
  • Get clients by working for cheap and giving them quality.
  • Work like this for quite some time to get good reviews.
  • Sustain Yourself!

Such information is too cliche and hardly helpful to even people with considerable skills , let aside beginners aspiring to be nomads.

Thats when I thought of writing this blog to make people understand blueprint of actually getting into this lifestyle. If you are here, you are probably starting out or have started out but not satisfied at the moment with your lifestyle and revenues.

Let’s get facts straight first , the following points are absolutely essential for what is about to come through –

  • You can’t make it without having some skills you can rely upon.
  • Note the plurality “Skills” with an S , because of lifestyle , never rely on a single skill to sustain yourself. If you are Web developer , learn an unrelated skill which you can market , let’s say Guitar lessons.
  • Never indulge in more than 2 skills at a time for learning purposes.If you do so, you will be making half hearted attempts at each with a result of mediocre performance in each.

With foundations set , Let me ask you a question.

Do you think there is a career choice that doesn’t need for you to find customers? How easy it would be for anyone to start ,if they realize that there is a skill that theoretically requires customers , but technically doesn’t. You simply use your skill , without worrying about customers, and make money!! Excited??

What if I say that millions of people indulge in this activity each day and night and make plenty money! What if i contradict myself and say this career/skill can give you more money at comfort of your home than all your other skills combined!! You want me to tell you straight away right, and I will , just be with me.

Let me give you hints –

  • People think it is gambling , these “People” are amateurs with no knowledge of field.
  • Every day , trillions are up for grabs , you just need a small pie from that.
  • It’s one of the hottest skills currently for becoming a Digital Nomad.
  • You just need a laptop , a phone would work too, with an internet connection.
  • Yes, you need some money to start , but significantly less than others , because of leverage (Ok , now you got it right? )

If you guessed Forex , you are in same park , but what I actually mean is complete genre of spectacle known as Stock Market.

There is no other option like being a trader. Although being so is more than enough to get you money to live by , I would still suggest you venture into multiple skills. Let’s explain the BLUEPRINT now !!


This is the 1st step in your Digital Nomad Journey .

The main reason I stress upon this skill is because of ease of entry and exit in this career option. With trading tools becoming available to almost everyone with rock bottom brokerages , investing has become one of easiest fields to get into.

However , easy entry does not mean easy money.Many people have perished trying to gamble in stock market , hence I would recommend you to have a detailed knowledge about Trading , how to approach such option , its pros and cons etc. here.

Trading Markets Picture - Digital Nomad

Affiliate Marketing

This is the 2nd step in your Digital Nomad Journey.

Too generic ? Think again , affiliate marketing has stood test of time consistently giving revenues to bloggers and others alike.Every major company from Walmart to Amazon to Google to GoDaddy , provide affiliate marketing programs with commissions going upto 60% of sale price.

Affiliate Marketing is a method where you give links for certain products on your webpage , that can be used by a visitor on your website to purchase that product from company whose affiliate link you provided on your website. Sale through that clicking of link gets tracked to you and you get paid a commission on each sale.

So basically , you become a Salesman , but without need to visit door to door to make sales. Find detailed information about Affiliate Marketing here.

Affiliate marketing Picture - Digital Nomad

Google AdWords

This is the 3rd step in your Digital Nomad Journey.

Okay , lets understand the absurdity!! The reality in today’s world is that MARKETING is king. You can sell a poor quality product at exorbitant prices if you get your marketing right. However , even a good product fails miserably if it is not marketed. Companies are spending millions of dollars each day marketing their product , keeping brand alive in memory of consumers at all times.

So , the next skill you need most urgently is to learn digital marketing generally , Google AdWords specifically. Why Google Ads , because of sheer amount of traffic and searches happening each day via Google.

Whatever business you do , whatever service you provide , whatever talent or skill you share , you must be able to market it to get customers to get it from you. Do you notice , all other fields apart from trading require you to actually do efforts to get customers. That’s why you must begin with Trading to succeed according to this Blueprint.

Google AdWords is different from Google AdSense. In AdSense , you earn for displaying ads on your website. Its basically renting a portion of your website to advertiser who pays you rent to use that space. Whereas Google AdWords is a marketing tool to market your Website , hence you spend money and pay money to market.

You can visit them here

Google AdWords Picture - Digital Nomad

To learn more about Google AdWords, visit here.

Web Development

This is the final and last step in your Digital Nomad Journey.

Scared ? Don’t be , this is the last step of Blueprint. You must know how to develop websites, from simple to medium. Go to advanced development only if you place Web Development as a skill above all I mentioned before.

Although you can use templates/themes to develop websites , still , I Would recommend you to have atleast working knowledge of how to create responsive websites. Creating beautiful websites of such nature will require just 12-16 hours of coding experience. Yes! That’s what all it takes to learn basic and intermediate coding like HTML , CSS , Bootstrap , JavaScript.

These 12-16 hours will benefit you for your whole career , just spend 2 hours for 10 days and learn this skill immediately !! For more information about web development , visit here.

Web Development Picture - Digital Nomad

With this , your Nomad Blueprint is served ! I would strongly suggest you to visit each link for above skills to get detailed understanding on how to approach each skill . Feel free to contact me in case of any doubt.

Do fill suggestion form on what next you want !! Chao.

Your friend, Your Guide.

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