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Hello , I started this blog also with the aim of providing free resources , especially E-Books , to get you started.

I know , it is not an ethical practice , but let’s admit it , We are here to save money. If you get these resources ,which otherwise sell on websites upwards 5$ upto 2000$ E-Books , Kindly help others too when you make it big !!

What you should do

Since I cannot provide you resources openly , as all E-Books are otherwise paid books available on E-Commerce websites , Kindly share the book name related to “Success Blueprint” that you want to have , and provide your e-mail so I can mail the same to you if it is available.

Or , simply tell your desired skill and e-mail , and I will mail whatever best resource is available to me including what I used.

E-Book Resources – Trading (Free)

Affiliate links also available , Just in case you decide to buy them.

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