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Please read success blueprint post on “How to become Digital Nomad ” before proceeding on this post of Affiliate Marketing . It will make better sense then .

Everyone has heard of Affiliate Marketing . Even if you haven’t , you might know mechanism of it but not that it is called Affiliate Marketing.

This is the second step in blueprint of digital nomad . Although this skill has to be developed after 4th step which is Web Development , I wrote in in the second place because this skill requires general understanding only , and it is not necessary to perform it only through your website that is after doing web development . Such thing can be performed by anyone , anywhere and either online/offline , though the term is usually used more towards online meaning .

Example – Affiliate Marketing

For complete beginners , who don’t know what Affiliate Marketing is , here is a simple example to understand it.

‘A’ has a website / blog he is running for quite some time now . He gets a fair amount of visitors on his website . Let’s put this number at 100,000 page views . To earn some money through blog , he decides to place links of some products that are available with the company , of whose affiliate program A is engaged with . Let’s say this company is Amazon .

Amazon sells millions of products . If your blog was a niche blog , let’s say a Mobile Phone review blog , then you can add links to phones that you have reviewed . This links will carry an Amazon logo , and when a reader is impressed from your review , and decides to actually make a purchase , he will click on affiliate link that you provided on your website.

He will be redirected/sent to amazon website containing that product information . And if he makes purchase , a commission will be credited to your account . Each product category has different commissions.

Affiliate marketing -chart

General Information

Commissions range from as low as 5% to as high as 70% ( like GoDaddy). Hence it’s a pretty lucrative option provided you have many visitors to your website.

As you know , I am giving only basic details about a skill in these posts . To have detailed information , kindly use suggestion form below or comment section on what you would like to know 🙂

Moving on , there are many professional affiliate marketing companies that serves like a directory of different companies that have affiliate marketing programs . You see, if I provide you a link of those companies , thinking that I have convinced you enough to subscribe to their monthly service , than that would be affiliate marketing , and i would get a share of your monthly membership fee that you pay to that directory.

However just to get started , one of the free such directory is Rakuten Advertising . No, no link here , this blog is for informational purposes only for the time.

You can sign up there , look at thousands of companies that give you such commissions , and start earning right away provided you have a well visited web page.

Companies -Affiliate marketing

Rules of Affiliate Marketing

Note that many affiliate marketeers have a certain criteria for you to be eligible to participate in their affiliate programs. Usually top of line companies , like let’s say AirBnb , have a criteria that you should have X no. of views on your webpage and other criteria.

Do remember to check those .

Thumb Rules

  • A niche site has better chance of an affiliate sale than a general themed website.
  • Don’t try to put affiliate links right at beginning of your journey , people need to trust your website as a good source of information.
  • Viewer loyalty is a must , hardly any viewer makes a purchase if she is visiting your website for first time .
  • Always provide quality content , nothing is easy , If it’s easy , it’s not worth the effort !! Remember?
  • Don’t use too many affiliate programs at once. Usually stick to 2-3 programs . Example – Amazon + Walmart links only.

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